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My only advise is to do as I do, pay your bill off monthly so that it is interest free and the only one earning is you.First off, this cash back is NOT in the form of gift cards as Richard stated (he may be referring to Membership Rewards AMEX Cards), it is redeemed as statement credit.All you haters and ignorant people just throwing good money out the window.

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International merchants, particularly in Europe, are starting to require this technology in order to accept your credit card for payment.The AmEx Blue Cash Preferred Card gives you 3% more for groceries (6%) and 1% more for gasoline (3%), but you can get 3%-5% off gas with other no-annual fee cards (5% off Jan-Mar with Discover, 5% off July-Sept with Chase Freedom Visa, 3% all-year with Bank of Am.When you use your Scotiabank Gold American Express Card to buy a new item in Canada.

Use it when they offer 5% on groceries or gas in their three month period.I had several Amex cards a short time ago and I even accepted Amex at my manufacturing company.

Amex is not offering this card anymore and are canceling current card holders and putting them down to only 3% cash back.It taught me a very valuable lesson of paying everything off each month, and allowing me to have good financial sense.If anything truly needed government regulation, it is the credit card industry.The list of supermarket they support must be small because during the year none of the supermarket I use is on their list so I got only 1%.

The Blue Cash Everyday and Blue Cash Preferred credit cards from American Express are both excellent cash back.Not that good when the interest fate and fee is 9 percent or more.I have found that many vendors in Europe will not accept American Express.I have to fill up about once every 2 weeks, which is 26 times a year.I would love to have the ability to refuse to pay rewards on any credit card.As far as keeping track of spending, the online system automatically does that for you when you sign in to your account.Charges ranged from about 1% to almost 7%, depending upon the plan chosen by the cardholder.I pointed out that neither was Costco, but they pay the 3% there.

Worst card going, charge so high fees to establishments ALMOST no one takes AMX anymore.WHY not keep that 6% cash back and charge me for the amount and let PEOPLE keep that money in their own banks.There are many better and cheaper cards around that are accepted everywhere.But do you really think if it was charging the same rates as the other credit card companies, the businesses would lower their prices.He Is right, a lot of places donot accept the american express card, I had ons, and canceled It and got The Venture Visa Card givces you 2 sky miles for every dollar you spend, and gives you 32000 free miles after you spend 1000 in the first three nonths.

Good credit is typically considered to be a great score above 660, so if you have an issue or two on your credit report you may still be eligible for all the great features Blue Cash Preferred from American Express offers.It got to the point that I had to carry a back up Visa with me.I have an AMEX Blue Cash Card for years, and I get 5% cash back on gas, groceries, and drug stores, except when I shop at warehouses (1% in those cases).I live in California and to date I have not encountered issues with businesses not accepting the card.Their margins are so low that this higher fee to use them kills their bottom line.Disclaimer: This content is not provided or commissioned by the credit card issuer.My Capital One Venture card, though gives a straight 2% back on everything no matter what you spend the money on.It occurs through a higher fee charged to the business to process the card.

First time I tried to use it at that chain, was told they did not and have not ever accepted AE.

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The interest rates and fees they collect is the reason they are so generous with their rewards.Just for information, I have used my AEx card at Costco and in California Nevada, and Utah.Does anyone know what the average credit score is to get a decent credit limit on American Express Blue Cash.It started with 8% APR, but went up to 8.25% (bfd). That is my back up card.Your line about being able to pay your mortgage with credit should removed.Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the credit card issuer.

Mastercard is also accepted at more locations than AmEx, although I also carry Fidelity Investment Rewards AmEx, which offered 2% on all pur s before Citi Double Cash came along.If these are significant factors to you, consider some of the options detailed above.Sams club MC rebates 5% on Gas, 3% on travel and restaurants and 1% on rest.Fred, that card they offered you for free with only 3% back on groceries is a standard card.

I buy most of my groceries at Costco where most items are already discounted more that the 6%.I like the restaurant 5% quarters and Home Improvement stores 5%.

American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card

So department stores should be taken out of the mix, except those who do not have a credit card.It sounds lucrative and even surprising that bank will pay you money for loaning you even temporarily. At 400.00 dollars monthly grocery bill it amounts to 24 bucks.I would rather have a credit card that is almost unerverslly accepted without service fee.Just the evasion of many state prohibitions on usury by setting up shop in in state that allows 20% or 30% interest reflects a failed system.I used to have an AMEX card and I closed it because NO ONE takes it.

$150 Cash Back Credit Card

I just dont buy that many groceries or gas and rarely shop at supermarkets.The 2.7 foreign transaction fee is the very reason why I gave my American Express card.

Plus you get exclusive access to ticket presales and card member-only events.This is an excellent card if you pay off your credit card every month.Every wonder why American Express is not accepted as much as MC and Visa.I do not wish to pay a credit card that requires me to pay a fee for using it.Look into the Am ex solid blue card with no annual fee as a good partner to the new Costco Visa.Then, to further add insult to injury, they reduce the cash back to 1% for all other pur s.While a statement credit is just the same as cash to most people, if you prefer to get cash in your hand, check out the aforementioned Citi Double Cash Card, which offers the ability to get your rewards via check or direct deposit.

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