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Can I prepay the card by 5K to get a credit balance and then charge 15K.I would simply take it up with management because I do not believe that is intentional.Last updated 17 June 2016. 31 comments. Both cards are great for earning cash back without annual fees.They still show up online BUT are no longer available to new customers, as confirmed by MBNA agent.If you are an existing customer with MBNA and have no debts accumulated and have a clear balance please demand for the MBNA smart cash card to replace any card you may have with them but make sure once again to pay off full balance every month and it will only make good returns every year then any other card I know.

Also, think about how much you are required to spend to get large rebate returns.Like you have recommended big gas and grocery spenders to one card.Realize that these are both Mastercards, but the only time have found that Mastercard was not accepted was a sporting event sponsored by Visa ( eg. the Olympics), so I see this as a problem that you might encounter once in the bluest of moons.Today many credit cards offer great rewards, cash back and low APR with no fee.When I checked for top cash back cards, no card was available.The original company, MBNA, offered you one thing, you took it.

Learn what a credit card cash advance is with information on cash advances and credit card cash advance fees from Bank of America.I just got off of the phone and it was all I could do not to cancel my application mid-call.You can be certain that any costs related to cash back or other rewards these credit cards provide are passed on to the retailer in terms of transaction fees, and then subsequently passed on to the consumer in terms of increased prices for goods and services.Accord D Desjardins financing, a second, separate credit limit.Actually they are concerned they have to pay me more cash back.If you want to leave the aeroplan system, then the capital one travel card is highly rated.I selected outside of the supermarket and gas catagories to compliment the PC card.

The only time you are going to be in a bind is where Visa only is accepted.That said, I too HATE the fact that more and more cards are charging for their rebate cards BUT I realize you miss the BIG picture if you only look at annual fees.One caution, Scotiabanks website is worse than MBNA in that it is more basic.Note that this card is not available to everyone and is not on the website.Cash Advance Credit Card No Fee No Credit Check Texas Easy Online Loans, Bad Credit OK.No annual fee credit cards are important for consumers and businesses.Since we as a family pur most of our groceries at Walmart, we are really excited about the Walmart mastercard.View rewards, rates and fees, credit level, card types and more. Build credit with responsible use and earn cash back.

Capitolone Cashback also has the option of cash advancing with your cheques as if you were just using your card.They only offer the ability to VIEW your transactions online.If you want PDF statements online, you have to sign up with ePost.As we are Loblaws shoppers, we will be looking into this card.Just wanted to pass my thoughts by about my CC choice to see if anyone disagrees.The trick for everyone here is also to pay your balance off every month.It was all old junk websites and offer-withdrawn cards from several banks.Travel reward credit cards: Despite marketing and hype cash back card. 3 top cash-back credit cards. many of the best cash back cards come with an annual fee.

Can we please can the argument and get back to talking about the rewards cards.The link takes me to the Capital One No Hassle Rewards Platinum MasterCard which is a miles card, not a cash rebate card.If that is something people take advantage of, and affect the bottom line of the bank, then they change rules.When I travel out of town have to have another card because inevitably the card will not work or will be refused, have had this experience number of times.Please ensure you pay the full balance every month otherwise you got to be a moron to use this card if you rather pay a higher interest then the cash back mechanism outlined.

That is all if you want to be on a beach everyday if you chose that lifestyle with no worries of financial burdens imposed by these card companies and not being hostage to the epidemic they expect the masses to follow.That said, maybe there is a limitation they have not accounted for in their new system they implemented last year.Great card but Citibank has sold their Canadian business to CIBC in Sep 2010 and this card was not taken over by CIBC, so I got a fat check with the closure of my account.Based on all the credit card companies I have encounter, this one has the worst customer service.My long-time favorite for the best free cash back credit card in Canada was the MBNA Smart Cash card.Important: We are no longer issuing new TD Rebate Rewards Visa Cards.Having multiple cards allows me to use the most beneficial card for the usage, though I try to keep as many pur s to one card at a time.You get 3% for all gas pur d with smart cash card and is accepted almost everywhere accept Costca.Anyway, the 15,000 miles incentive is enough for one flight to the closer U.S. states and Canadian provinces, which we do often enough.

Some of the questions had possible answers that were so far off that I wondered if I had put in the wrong SIN or something.I am definitely making more money than I would have with the Smart Cash World.I recommend Chase amazon visa credit card, there was no foreign transaction fee and the exchange rate was great.Rewards for CIBC are 0.5% on first 3k, 1% on next 12k, 1.5% on next 20k, and 2% on next 15k, and no rewards after 50k of spending in a year.And yes, if you close your account, you lose any balance left.NOTE: You can apply now but the card will not be available until the end of the month.For those who care, JP Morgan Chase products still do not have electronic statements, ability to download transactions, nor the ability to set up pre-approved payments of monthly balances.

As I interpret it I need to earn at least 5000 points per month in order to get cash back cheque.You might also want to consider that you caan always ask that the bank waive the annual fee.There are good sides and bad sides to both the amex and the cibc aerogold.New AMEX card from Costco seems lot better than my American Express Costco Platinum Cash Rebate Card.The interest charges were excessive and no where could one calculate these numbers using any common way of applying the advertised interest rate.Since Capital One recently removed their 25% bonus, it really pushed the Tangerine and MBNA cards ahead.

No annual fee, low introductory promotional annual interest rate, secure online access, platinum and elite benefits.All other non gas or grocery pur s is 1% and no annual fee with no maximum.

Visa Credit Cards No Annual Fee

Apply for a CIBC Dividend Unlimited World Elite MasterCard to earn our best cash back rewards with the ability to charge over your credit limit with no fee.Particularly a string of calls to get their overdraft protection insurance after saying no several times.No annual fee credit cards offer both savings and may come with additional benefits such as reward points, cash back, hotel stays or balance transfer discounts.If you would like to read more articles like this, you can sign up for my free newsletter service below (we will not spam you).B) 2% Cashback on pur s, 1% Cashback on everything else.