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Rent paid in the accounting year Rs 6,000. Rent. (Solved) June 11, 2014.Service Name: Type of Services: Description: How to Access: Postpaid Charges: Hello Tunes 1 Year Advance Rental Plan: Optional: Enjoy heavy discounts on your.On November 1, it rented storage space to a lessee (tenant) for 3 months.

In some instances a landlord might offer, or you might propose, paying rent in advance.

This could be done to secure a particular property that is on the.Generally, rent paid in your trade or business is deductible in the year paid or accrued.Landlords usually ask tenants to pay rent at the start of the month.For instance, rent is usually paid in advance, but mortgages in arrears (the interest for the period is due at the end of the period).Advance rent is any amount you receive before the period that it covers. Insurance premiums paid in advance.

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Save on Car Rental with Pay Now Rates: Our Pay Now Rates could mean up to a 35% savings.I nearly always refuse to accept 6 months rent in advance because it breaks.My father has paid 6 months rent in advance as he is retired, but is now in hospital and unlikely to return to his flat.The landlord is worried about a tenant having the ability to pay.

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In April 2013 the Court of Appeal ruled in favour of the landlord in the case of Johnson v Old, concerning the question of rent paid in advance and.We have had a good couple as tenants for 12 months, always paid on time, both working, 2 kids and a working guarantor.

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I started renting a room out of a house with a family on August 1, 2009.

I have had four conversations with Consumer Affairs asking them is this legal.Debit prepaid rent and credit cash. Debit Cash for the cash received, and credit a liability account you can call Prepaid Rent or Prepaid Deposits.

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Journal Entry - Rent in Advance. by Judy (Jenkins) Q: LaBouche Corpo n owns a warehouse.I want know I paid one month advance rent and I want to know my landlord give me 1 month notice to leave the property and he is asking rent last month rent...

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House Rent Advance this is the term for the amount paid by a TENANT to the LANDLORD at the time of taking possession of the house.By continuing to browse this site you are agreeing to our use of cookies.