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I have a rush card so all my work money gets direct deposited to the rush card account.Online and mobile convenience. Get cash back when you make a pur with your debit card.

They tell u if u use it as a debit it will charge u a dollar.But why give the black community an option that is only two steps above the worst.According to a report published yesterday, Rush Card owner Russell Simmons says his prepaid debit card will soon have a cash advance feature.I use to think the rush card was a good card to have but i have sum bad experiences with this card.As I look at the payments landscape, I see the banks as the large record chains and my RushCard is looking a lot more like iTunes.She supervisor name mary told me she coulsd only send it by check.If u use it more than 10 times in a month, the next month they will give u the difference back.Add Money There are thousands of retail locations 6 nationwide where you can load cash.

Dnt b confused be afraid very afraid its a ripe off n a waste of a lot of money.

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Simmons hopes it can incite a wider debate on improving the variety of financial instruments that are offered.How to Get and Use a Prepaid Visa Card. You can add money to the card right at the retail location where you pur d the.The best way to add money to your card is through the direct deposit of your paychecks, tax refunds,.

Dang im not a millionair nor do i have thousands of dollars sitting in the bank.

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Most of these banks have been on the news for taking money when you deposit and they even have let others take money out of your account.

Someone is not managing their own money right and blaming it on RushCard fees and they need to handle their business.

Followed, I withdraw $185 at my Paypal account. Paypal will charge $5 ...

Add to Your Favorites. from 5. There are 2 Rush Card coupons for you to consider including 2 sales. 1. With the RushCard you can get money sooner with direct.Yet, the argument that the RushCard is cheaper than traditional banking is a stretch.A prepaid credit card works very similar to a bank debit or ATM card.SecurityEnjoy the safety of having your money stored on a Visa card without having.

Secondly i went to use my card to withdraw my money it sent me a rceicpt with a balance and no money, i called the cutomer service and they told me the atm was out of money and that my money would be deposited back into my account within 24 to 48 hours, then i hear they know nothing about it and that i have to dispute it and it will take up to 60 days to hear anything.Global Cash Card offers a paycard solution to take your payroll 100.

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There is a monthly charge of 9.95 for the rushcard monthly plan, the no-name card is so much cheaper.Go-To Card readers automatically deduct the cash fare in effect at the time.READYdebit Card FAQs. Find the closest locations to add money to your registered card.SIMMONS BUSINESS ADVENTURES, BECAUSE i PAID MORE FOR A FREE BANK OF AMERICA ATM CARD THAN I PAY FOR MY RUSH CARD AND I.

MadameNoire is a sophisticated lifestyle publication that gives African-American women the latest in fashion trends, black entertainment news, parenting tips and beauty secrets that are specifically for black women.Instead he has provided another sub-optimal vehicle targeted towards an urban audience that needs financial education to build its confidence.FAQs: Questions about Debit Cards. may be charged for debit card pur s and ATM cash. you request rush delivery of a debit card or other debit.No wonder minorities cant get ahead when they are so bad at managing their money.

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Instead of saving you money, this card will nickel and dime you to.

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The 5 Best Prepaid Debit Cards. the Rush prepaid debit card.But how ever I ran out of gas today and they did credit me emergency five dollars.

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I have had a problem with my card since Feb. and speaking to the customer service at Rush Card is a joke.Which they should have blocked the charged from the company that I told them about.RushCard Introduces Card-to-Card Funds Transfer. Add your comment.Hi Russell if you are reading this check your email and contact us re: your company stealing our website content.

I dont like that word, or phrase myself, i didnt catch sounds like he is quoting.I have even used it as a debit and they sent a text to my phone say its free to do it credit instead of debit.Get your Rush Card through,. Rush Card Account Login.About Green Dot and the Green Dot Card. be charged to your card if you choose rush. to add cash to your card by purchasing a MoneyPak at a.They locked up My card n told me dat there was knw way they could unlock my card cause every information of myself was invalid they Ben given me dat run around for two months n I have 3kids I need my money.Prepaid debit card users are targets. 5 prepaid debit card scams to avoid.Add up all. a Money Order to a Prepaid Credit Card Online was.Learn how to add money to your Prepaid Account using MoneyGram. card account number Amount: How much.

I have been talking with all of your mangares at the 1 (800) 230-4755 and all they could tell me is A lie. you all need to stop lieing to the puplic.You may be charged a fee for some ways of adding money to your card and not for other ways,.

Visa Reloadable Prepaid Card. Simply pur the Visa Reloadable Prepaid card, load it with the cash amount you.You can add money to the Oyster card and use it to pay for single journeys or for travel for the whole day.Some cards cannot be used to withdraw cash at an ATM or to receive any other cash withdrawal or make financial.Russell Simmons has responded to these allegations by assuring the public that he welcomes the investigation.

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I really like my rush card because it help me control my funds when they are on this.

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The RushCard might be cheaper than the check cashing places Simmons is trying to steer people away from, but is certainly not the optimal way of managing funds.

I have had my rushcard for about two years now but never really used it.It charges 2.95 but the first 2 charges are refunded back to u.What am i suppose to do while i wait for them to make up their minds.I read where the guy was upset because he put 200.00 on the card and was then charged 1.00 for every pur.RushCard is a Prepaid Visa card that lets you shop, get cash at ATMs, pay bills, buy online and get Direct.