Sagamore Payday Loan Harassment Calls

Just received a call today stating I owe money on payday loan which I took out March of 2012.

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This work related friend of mine received a telephone call from these people BMG Payloans etc.They claim that they mail to my address but I did not receive anything.

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Every time they claim they are filing a law suit against us unless we pay the money but we have yet to see anything.

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They gave her a telephone number to which I called them and I spoke to Mrs Tammy Mixon.

Told them that I had filed bankruptcy back in 08 so they would not be able to take me to court.

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They are calling my landlord looking for me, saying Im going to jail today unless I agree to an out of couirt settlement for less then 5000.00 which I will owe when Im arrested. she didnt like it when I said my laywer, she gave me her name BMGs name and scared my landlord, This is BS people shouldnt get away with this.

She also claimed in my return phone call that she had verified with my bank that I had received the funds and requested the bank to revoke any authorization for repayment of the so called funds I requested over the Internet.

Choosing Right Money To Loan For Yourself: Click Here for your sagamore payday loan harassment calls Cash Advance Loan Approval immediately with a sagamore payday.How to Stream Video to a Cell Phone Instructions Pur an unlimited data plan for your cell phone.You cannot be arrested for defaulting on a payday loan,. for North Star and Sagamore.Pay day loan debt scam. got a loan with a place called Sagamore).

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Trying to scare me kinto paying them, I told her come arrest me, Im waiting.The initial loan was suppose to be 350 and I now owe them 850 from 2012.Finally the man gave me the last 4 digits of what he said was my routing number they did not match.

Vivian also very professionally let me know that they had my IP address from the computer I used which matched my actual address.

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I just got the same type of call from 713 266 1458 saying they are lawyers and I am about to be arrested on federal fraud charges for a loan taken out with BMG.I see several Better Business complaints against this collection agency, and from what I read on the FTC they broke 2 laws when they called me.1st the threatened jail several times and the guy who called also claimed to be an attorney.

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When i tried to tell her that i did not have that amt of money she hung up on me and said have a nice time getting arrested at my Job and being embarrassed.

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cl4945 ssi payday loans Payday Loans. sagamore payday loans. additional hand verge concerning harassing...I have also put in a compliant in with the Arizona Attorney General office.

Thanks to poeple like this and the banks the country in the shape it is.

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