Cash Advance Inc Threatening Emails

They often spoof a local phone number to trick you into answering.The IRS man indicated that they always provide ID numbers, as he had at the start of my call to him.The told me it was for 1500 but I can settle for 943.00. I too am relieved but this must stop.Cash Advance Group - Payday Loan Debt Collection Scam. Date. debts allegedly owed a company owned by Cash Advance Inc.Please use this form to share your opinions about Cash America Advance Inc. threatening, defamatory or.He transferred me to another person who basically told me the same thing.

I called and every time I request information to be sent to me they wont give me any information because I refuse to verify my personal information that they try and get me to verify.Advised him he will be subpoena to appear in reference to a check fraud case in my name with JP Morgan. provided him with my name and case number for me to call her at 866-594-3180.I recieved a call today from 5753421204 They said they couldnt send me anyinfo or email because they already did.The address provided by the company is fake and no attorney with the name give exists.Heard my child in the back ground and even use him against me.Due to the formatting,spelling etc, this cannot be a legitimate document.Out of fear I set up a payment arrangement because they said they were going to garnish my wages or suspend my license.Finally the man picked up the phone and told me he was going to report my number for calling him.

No where did he mention the name of the company, I did not leave a message but I will be calling again to request paper work and an account number or anything that they could have to identify any of this information.He told me I was being arrested for bank fraud and theft by deception.We got a call back from 800-829-1040 and the person said we needed to pay them within the hour - using a Rite aid debit card.

Also, they had ALL my personal info already including SSN, DL, work, email, address, phone, etc.I did tell him I figured it was a scam, but just wanted to protect myself.They called saying I owe an old debt 3 times in past month the most recent number was 866-670-6823.He would not give me any information other than an amount of 1424.00. He told me that if I was will to pay it he would stop my arrest.Recieved a call from 210-853-2440 threatening with two felony charges and immediate jail time if an old credit card debt was not paid by 4pm.If you get a call from 972-362-1077 and you answer the phone.

I received a call yesterday from 202-241-4952 saying he was an private investigator with the IRS saying that I committed tax fraud and would be arrested in 2 hours.I received a call today from a similar number 202-508-9812 when I called back the number was either busy or stated that the person was unavailable and the voice mail was full.The saddest thing about this message is how threatening it is, I feel bad for senior citizens who might receive this type of message.The being stupid about this and the put weight I could do extra further work to get your rest.She said that if I dont pay they are going to have there investigators come and serve me with papers.

So I finally had enough so I told them for every 1 call I got from them they would get 5 calls from me.They became very rude when I would not provide them with me last 4 of my social security.They say unless you provide your bank or credit card today you will go to jail in the morning.She new all my info and my court house name and said something of the department of labor she was so hard to understanf.

Stating someone is coming to my work and home and I need to be ready to show my ID Monday December 29th.I cannot find any information about this company or phone numbers.They was nice and apologize and gave me information on what steps to take.This is creepy, I called them back thinking they were a true company with a case number.Please send me copies of the original application for this account, any signatures associated with this account, any bills associated with this account, etc.

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And to make sure I have double the amount of money that owe because court fees and attorney fees will apply.I have never even heard of ACE Cash Services and I do not owe this.His name and number has changed its not Nick Walker (909) 666-5776.Please provide me with documentation that supports why you believe this debt belongs to me, and why you believe I owe this amount.The loan guy(With an Indian Accent) said I must pay 99.00 to cancel.

I told him that I had contacted several agencies like FTC and FBI due to receiving these calls every day.Loans are swift which cure all the Dayloans threatening email from cash advance inc 100 cures for the economic brought.I keep getting calls on my cell that says fraudulent caller and threatened me with an arrest Warrant and as soon as I tell the call is being recorded they demeanor changes and they hang up.I believe the scammers got my information from a payday loan I took over 4 years ago that has since been paid.I contacted Ace Cash Loan and they did not have not any debt in my name.If I get another call, I will report to the local authorities so that they can alert our community.

Obviously I do not owe anything and I have never received anything from IRS.This FTC article about debt collection tells more about your rights.